Saturday, December 3, 2022

2022 12

Took Kookie to get her booster shot. Next I dropped Kendra's pic off then went to see Dougy. One of the park dwellers that came out a couple times. I promised him some of my great treasures last year n dropped it off, and gave him one of my great photos .
He lives n lancaster n might reserve a shelter next summer for the final show.
Everyone I have taken pics of or have pet my pups are honored guest... bring your own stuff. 😏

I saw these guys n thought they needed a pic all together n the girl knew me from facebook :)
And they did a pic with Kookie too. I took about 5, the one I chose almost got the big guy out of the frame but it was the best one with everyone looking at the camera 😋

Getting ready to leave n I saw Kookie's pal Brian and in the background TheMick chirped ...  I got her to do a pic of me n Kookie.. I ironed out the wrinkels in the jeans put some blue in em, removed the red eye from Kookie and darkened the foreground (flash made it brighter because it was closer)

After I take pics of people a couple times I feel guilty.. but these guys r so friendly. I cropped this one and darkened it a bit. I was not standing on level ground n just took some quickies.
Oh yeah, got to give her one of the enlargements I made. 
She liked the pic I took on Aug 11. I planned it for a couple weeks waiting for the moon to be in a position over Mt Pleasant
Me and Kookie were in Forest Rose cemetary a couple hours. After all the planning the clouds covered it.. but at last it came out.
On the prints I have made I add our logo and a link to the pics. August stuff is here

I saw these pals at the far end and figure a pic like this one would be a keeper.

After I gave Mick the pic I headed to Walmart for a sc card for my phone, someone in a truck beside me yelled.. I think it was Joey n Kelly .. how could it be, they moved far away.. then I thought hope they stop, I had more pics as gifts.
I had 7 made, n 3 left.
With PuppyDog 😎

Luke .. rides his bike up n down the trrails.. wish I was n such good shape.. #risingpark

The Picnic idea. Not to come n see me but to pick one day for a picnic at the park and invite all your friends n family to be there.
I thought on a Sunday afternoon , then those who were froggy might walk up n watch the sunset.

Had to go in n pick up some pills so we went to Mt P first. Hoping I might see some of Kookie's pals.
First I saw these guys doing pics n they let me do a couple of them with their camera n mine.
Later they came on up n I got to do another and have em do a pic with Kookie... things I need to make my day complete, also did some pics of a guy on the end with his camera.

So many pics of me when I have no victims so I goofed off with a couple. I saw 4 deer on the way up, singled out this guy did the composite with me when I got home.
Kookie has a vet appointment on the 29th so we will come out if I get my exercises done.. Just a few more months to go 


Had to go to the doc today so we stopped at Mt P on the way home. Kind of hoped I might see one of my photography models.
On the way up I passed one guy n asked him about others being on top.. not many then I saw this guy n thought Santa after buying a total gym, I talked him in doing a pic with Kookie .. a nice guy :)

I took a pic of this message in the sand, saying 2:50 when I got home I looked at my pic.. 3:10 pm, missed em

Trying to think of photo ideas, I took this one of Kookie n our Christmas tree. Found a candy wrapper and hung it on the branch for a decoration.. did one of me n Kookie n goofed off with it.


I get lucky n capture some postcard photos but a great content is capturing a pic I think will be a keeper for people. Lots come up with family n friends but don't get pics together.

It has been so gloomy but the sun came out today n gonna rain tomorrow so we got stuff finished n went to Mt P 
A girl looked when we got out of the wagon but was lots faster getting up the trail , 
Saw her out on the rock n thought washed in the glow of the sun, a great candid shot. Then I asked if I had taken her pic b4 .. yep

Walkied to the far end n saw a couple .. asked em but they said I had taken their pic b4 .. So I did some glamor shots with Kookie #risingpark

So many people sit on our magic mountain gazing out toward the sun , it is an iconic image repeated over n over through the decades

I took several hoping for a good one.. the sun still causing a bit of sunflare but such a cute pumpkin who comes again 

The sun just in the perfect spot .. I hoped someone I knew might be here .. well she knew me n Kookie now I will remember her I hope

Being alone with PuppyDog in 2010 is when I got the idea to come out to Rising Park to take pics, n get pets for the pup. I was invited to some things but only went to one wedding because it was outside and I could take PuppyDog (Kids I met on Mt P put a clip of em in my long hocking hills video)
Some one at the park started adding me to the fb and one Christmas when I took PuppyDog out to the ladies room, there was a bunch of stuff on the step... for several years. Our good fairy moved to Virginia Beach last year.. but her assistant came  out,
This year she returned for a visit and stuff was there when we came home from Mt Pleasant.
Just one of the encounters with our visiting farries

My photo assistants PuppyDog and Kookie.. :)

 In previous years I had large metal prints made  20x30 

This year I had 12x18 prints made with frames.. they look pretty nice. Thinking gifts for any park dweller who gave em pets or were their victims. 

I didn't think they would be here until after the 25th but got them today 

I will probably come out to Mt P on Friday I posted the pics I had printed here 

I just did these for samples to see how they would come out. #risingpark

Havent been to mt p for days but took Kookie to get groomed.. so hard for me to get stuff done any more and so many things coming up.. so after she got spruced up I stopped n took her up the trail.

No victims to photograph n no pets for Kookie.

I thought of some poses I would have liked her to get with the groomer girls .. but I always think of stuff too late.

.No humans on top but in the soft sand I saw these hooves tracks... hmmm 

With my head in the clouds.. just a few more months.

Switching doctors to one out on 37, gonna try to leave Kookie at the Fido place for pups when I go to the doc later then thought I would stop at the park take some pics and take care of the phone.
At the park I realized I forgot the camera so I didnt walk up to the top, got back to the Jeep, lost the car keys... ugh 

On the way out passing the gazebo I spied a family with a couple little ones setting up a Christmas pic.. couldn't help it, I backed up the Jeep got em to sit together so they would all be in the pic.. bet they keep it.. after a couple I made a loud noise to get one's attention n made them cry, a quick escape. 😋

Next  I went out to get Kookie's license n stopped in Fidos thought they might have em and wanted to figure how to get Kookie in... n one of the Mt Pleasant Pumpkins was there 😄 that made friends with Kookie.

No network on my phone it was Rita's from around 2005 I think. They said it would not keep up with the new network so to the trash I guess n buy a tack phone, never talk to anyone any way but for emergency

Then to Slaters to have a replacement key made $74 ugh then to the pill store and back out to the park to see if I could find the keys.  no soap.

Last stop... Krogers to get some stuff .. they move every thing around .. looking in a trance then popped up our yoga girl pal. I can't think of things to say till after people leave but at least I got to see a couple Mount Pleasant pups and capture a family pic I think will be a keeper for em.
#risingpark #adaywithkookie 

First pics I captured this month did one with n with out flash, my arm needs to be longer #risingpark

Had to go in n get Kookie's meds a while back she had seizures really scary when I have no victims to practice on. She has big tangles in her fur n I am gonna take her to the groomer girl this month.. n maybe get her some antlers for pics

Just saw 3 people on top I was gonna do a candid of a girl n her pup put by the time I got Kookie tied she was leaving. I talked these guys into a couple pics.. thought they were from Sherman but Sheridan.. 


Haven't been to Mt P yet this month but played with pshop 
Lots of us take pics of and from the tip of Mt Pleasant. When we post them in groups there are lots of likes, shares and great comments.

You can buy pics of places never seen and hang them but to us, those who have stood on Mt Pleasant, photos of our magic spot are special.
If you are buying gifts for others, an idea for others who find beauty of our 'Mountain' an idea is a photo ... could have it printed at Walmart and buy a frame there or you can order prints from Google.

.A few of my favorites are HERE you can copy them and have them printed if you r froggy or you might have your own.

I am guessing some of you have friends that take photos or paint stuff. getting 'artwork' from them for a present would be giving two gifts. Yep it is a complement when others give merit to your work or talents.

Thinking of this now in case you don't know what to give to someone but know they love Mt Pleasant.

I capture lots of duds but get lucky to take some nice photos. Sometimes I spend hours to capture a cool shot. It took four trips to capture the moon over Mt Pleasant.

Just before the virus hit us I was on Mt Pleasant the year the fairgrounds was lit up for Christmas and did a time lapse (removed me n Kookie out of the clips)
So the video clip is short, I padded it with some pics of Kookie.

2022 IMGP1526.JPG

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

2022 11

Just stopped out late didnt figure anyone would be there so I took the Pentax.. goofing off a couple pups popped up n I gotta take a couple pics.
maybe see em again when I have the sony n a nice sky.. but Kookie got some pets :)

When no one is left I practice ideas on me n Kookie

By accident I did capture one cool pic, I noticed the tree sparkling from the lights below n the city n the background.. 😋#risingpark

The last couple days didnt go as planned so I figured one more try.
First I took pics of 3 girls with their cameras n then these guys let me add em to my photo safari album.

Did a pic of a mom n her boy in the magic tree with her camera.
Did a pic of a guy, little one, boy n his side kick with their camera then did a pic of these girls here and later on the other end .. cause they liked the pics.
Two pals n their pups against the twlight sky .. did a couple to get a good one.

The sky was perfect n I did a silhouetted  too.
One of my favorite places at the crest of the hill
Few people notice but in the summer the sun goes down on the far end and now it is on it's way back toward logan 
I did a video a few years ago. the bright orange line is the direction of the sunset and the yellow line is the direction the sun will appear when it wakes up in the morning

Barley made it to town yesterday in time but 2day I wuz gonna be ready, got the exercises done, returned a couple of calls. 

Went through the check list by the door, had everything, got to the truck n forgot the keys, went back to get them and on the way in, I realized I forgot the camera... so I didn't go back. 
No reason to think they would be there but hopped they might 

I did get to take a couple pics of a couple n their pup, saw our fb pal n Kookie got some pets on the way down. 
Maybe go back on Friday Saw the bike guy .. Luke just b4 leaving, 
from memory I think this is what I saw


When we came up two days ago, the rail was broke but fixed when we came back 2night :)

Your words written the sand which will vanish with wind n rain but will be here longer than a tootsie roll.

I asked a girl to do a pic of her n her pup last time, but she said just the pup so.. posting em today.

Lights off, standing in the door way so the daylight was on my face n dark in back, so easy to crop me n paste me on mt p,,  fixed my bloodshot eyes n used a bit of smoothing if only I took pics of me.. :)

😋😊😀 #risingpark

These guys were froggy but just the girl smiled, told her about my Michigan hat.. I should wear it out on the big day. I thought about getting some antlers for Kookie for pics with the park visitors.. but  😏

After doing a pic, these guys gave Kookie some pets :)

I did a couple of these guys but couldn't get the sky right then got em with the fairgrounds in the background 

I did some pics of a couple a little before n thought to ask em to do a pic of me n Kookie . Sunglasses to avoid my eyes n removed red eye from Kookie.

Coming back I saw these guys a bit of a challenge, tall guy n girl with a toddler n pup. To get em tight in the frame I got em down to about the same level with the city lights in the background.
Worked on red eye on this pup too.

The last pics I captured before going down the trail.. it was a pretty good candid but the exposure was longer because it was dark.. me a bit shaky still ok just blurry lights. Lets call it an impressionist art work

We havent been to town for a while.. so cold but I got some jogging pants under my blue jeans n bought suspenders to hold em out.. Kookie knows it is about to happen but won't take time to include her n the house. 
She has that squeak toy now and has been barking at me when I don't pay attention to her.. hope we don't freeze .. she will love it.

Rainy day story 
Knocking on my door a long time ago, who could it be. My kid with a Saint Bernard Puppy just got her and her other dog was mean to her so asked me if I would take her.
Didn't want a dog, but as soon as I held her I loved her, Pumpkin was her name.
When she got bad stuff, I couldn't stand waiting day by day, n put my mattress on the floor so she could sleep with me... 
I was gonna just bury her in the yard but got goofy and spend a bunch of money building a wishing well to put her in.
The end guess I will add that to the blog page.
Couldn't stand it n got another, PuppyDog was her name. The best puppy I ever had .. She loved to ride in back of the little s10 n make friends with people at stop lights.
My wife said she would be our last one, cept Rita died first.
There was always something Rita was gonna buy .. looking at this n that. She was looking at a yellow jeep.
Some months after she was gone I got a life insurance check from where she worked... didn't know she even had any insurance ... thinking I really don't need the money n thought I will just buy a yellow jeep (first one)
I drove the s10 in high water n it couldn't swim, so next I bought a ford ranger, wouldn't go on flat ground
When PuppyDog got the bad stuff, before I lost her I got another pup to save me from being alone (Kookie)
This is my 3rd Jeep and PuppyDog went with me to buy each one.. I took her n my wife's teddy bear buckled in the front seat.
When it gets close to spring I can't wait to take the top off the Jeep for the season. It is not too cold for her to ride in back in the low 50s .. looking at the monthly calendar.. on this rainy day I will just slide the top from the table to the Jeep, it ain't easy doing stuff alone but u gotta be tough.
Today in the rain my kid n guys came out to help cut a tree that was gonna fall on my electric line .. drenched.. 
Kookie meets PuppyDog

Baby Kookie

Well after an advanced nap putting the top on is on the burner. If it is not too bad Kookie will get to ride in back of the truck n bark  on the say to town.

Don't figure there will be many more days like this one so we will be out tonight 
I followed these guys up the trail n took a candid of em. I saw them trying to do a selfie and used their camera u used flash.. forgot to tell em about the candid shot .. but if they find this post.

Sooo many beautiful sky pics guess I make an album so others can copy freely when I am gone 😋

These guys were down on the cliff.. kind of a cool shot but after dark you can't see the sky below n I talked em to come up on top.. a bit of reflection problem but tried different angles n got a good one


Getting ready n saw these girls, I thought just one more... then I went over and showed em how to get the sky in the background  n face of their models

After I got home, this was just for show n tell of updating my fall wardrobe at the Salvation, this shirt fit great when I just put it on. Tonight when I zipped it up, seems like the zipper was on the wrong side, does that mean it is a girls.. n me a cross dresser .. ugh .. hope not.
Kookie was tired and kept laying down here in the background.
Only a few months till June to finish my goal.
If I ever did a pic of u n you know when it was taken I might be able to find it for u.
I hope to see a couple others through the winter, If something crazy does not happen bring your pals out behind the Rising Shelter House in June to have a picnic with them. It is the last thing on my list.

No workout today .. dealing with stuff but after loading my pics last night, I thought I would give the moon one more shot tonight. I tried a bunch of settings and when I switched to my 
sony I just couldn't see mt p in the dark and they took a long time to process.. cold n thought about a minor fix, taking the cap off the lens.. Kookie was a good girl.
Using aperture I think it was the smallest and gave star burst effects before doing stuff this is how it came out.

A couple of years ago I saw a pic someone took of the moon over Mt Pleasant and planned to take such a shot. Last night there was not a cloud in the sky but I didn't have a tripod ... big blur.
I went back tonight but there were waves of thing clouds. One of the better shots I took here, jacking the exposure comp up several stops..
I took the 600mm lens and did capture the moon just as it is here
 I just moved this shot of the moon over the moon in the initial shot.
With a bit of adjustments I could take a pic of Mt Pleasant in a dark night that would look the same as it does in daylight.. just a bit of a time exposure


Looked like a nice day n so ..

The sky was a bit pale but by addressing the exposure comp +/- I made it pop.


I did this candid never told any of em but if you were on Mt P 11/6 at sunrise u might be in this pic. I give links where people can download pics if they want.

I wanted to have a couple large pics made this year n donate em maybe some charity could auction em off but our agent moved far away .. hmmm
There were some who stopped after going to Hocking Hills. I wanted to this year but it is a long way to drive down n back with just me n Kookie.
On the way home I turned on the radio.. ugh Christmas stuff on my channel so after a couple seeks I stopped when bad to the bone was playing 😋


I did some pics of others with their cameras n when I saw this classic scene I asked em then had them stand up to include the sky


Reflection from glasses a a problem sometimes and a lense can distort the eyes, so I did a pic with glasses and one with out, copied the frames only and pasted em on the pic with out glasses


I might have got a pic of these guys with their phone camera I can't see what I did until I get it on a big screen


I saw the moon creeping through the trees n thought hmmm if I go to the fairgrounds I could capture it ontop of Mt P. Never had a tripod .. hand held long exposure so I jacked up the iso and got a kind of ok pic .. next couple of days with no clouds will be the time from the fairground parking lot


It is supposed to rain Saturday n likely Sunday so I took Kookie to  Mt P for pics
This girls pup didnt like to go too close to the edge.. I darkened it a bit.

These crossing streaks in the sky, makes me think of me.. How I cross paths with people for a bit then it fades in the vapor

I did some pics of a couple other pups with their cameras then at the end these guys let me play photographer.


Me n Kookie of course she was looking the wrong way

So nice I kept to my exercises n got em done, was just gonna take an old camera but what the.. 
These guys were at the far end, I saw em from the back first n thought I should get the same pose but from the other side to see their faces.

These pups were sitting n I took that pic then had em stand up so the fairground below was in the frame

I saw these guys going up the trail with their goodies n thought ... hmm a picnic pic.. don't know if they tried it but told em about twilight n flash

I did a silhouette of this girl when I hit the top and there was so much sun flare but she was the golden girl.. later I did another and it came out nice.#risingpark

Came back at the magic twilight time the sky was just right n there was reflections. She took off her glasses in a couple others, I really liked that one too #risingpark

I kind of know these guys n saw the moon, I moved around to get the moon in this position, gave the moon some air, darkened the sky there and a bit to bring out the guys below.
The beginning of twlight when the sky is magic n a bit of flash.
Even when I turned the flash as low as possible still too bright but by backing up, it loses its intensity n then zoomed in.. some  red eye I fixed 


Getting pets on top of the world. Haven't been out to mt p for a few days but might get froggy this week end. 

11/2 #risingpark